Carpet care: tips to keep your carpet looking good

Who doesn’t like to put their feet on a soft and comfortable carpet? However, this popular floor covering has a tendency to retain dirt. Regular maintenance is therefore necessary to preserve its appearance and soft texture.

Looking for tips and tricks on how to properly maintain and clean your carpet and prolong its longevity? Check out some of them in this article!

Install entrance mats to preserve the quality of your carpeting

In order to protect your carpet from outside dust and dirt, you should install entrance mats that will trap all debris. There are various types of doormats available that will meet this need.

Place a scraper mat outside the entrance

A scraper mat, or doormat, is an entrance mat with long, rough fibres that are made to hold even the toughest debris, such as rocks, salt or sand present during the winter. It is essential if you want to preserve the appearance of your indoor carpet, since most of the dirt in your home comes from outside.

The scraper mat should be installed outdoors to keep the biggest debris out. Placing this type of mat at the front door of your home will allow you to clean your feet before entering.

Place an absorbent wiper mat indoors

While very useful and effective, the scraper mat will not be enough to trap all the finer dirt you bring in from the outside and, more importantly, absorb all the water and snow under your feet. This is why it is recommended to place a wiper mat in your entryway to dry your boots and shoes before they can ruin the appearance of your carpet.

The importance of careful cleaning to keep your carpet looking its best

Developing good care and cleaning habits is essential to preserving the appearance of a wall-to-wall carpet. Before calling in a professional, there are a few cleaning tips you can try yourself.

Vacuum regularly

Carpet accumulates dust quite easily. To prevent it from becoming too dirty and to ensure good hygiene, you should vacuum your carpet at least once a week. A vacuum cleaner with a brush is ideal, since it better collects dust, hair and pet hair that could become lodged in the fibres.

Stay on the lookout for messes

When you have children or pets, accidental messes can happen on a daily basis. If liquid is accidentally spilled on your carpet, you should clean it up quickly. Otherwise, the liquid could damage the carpet and leave a permanent stain.

When should you call a professional carpet cleaner?

For optimal carpet care, carpet manufacturers state that it is necessary to hire a professional carpet cleaner once a year or every two years. A professional carpet cleaner will clean your carpet with hot water to remove almost all of the dirt from your carpet. This periodic cleaning will ensure that your carpet is healthy and hygienic.

Prevention and diligence are the keys to preserving the appearance of your carpet

In short, the best tricks to keep your carpet looking good are to install carpets outside and inside your entrance to trap as much dirt as possible. It is also essential to develop strict habits for cleaning your carpet.

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