Custom commercial carpet: find out how to define your needs

Whether it is colourful or simple and sophisticated, the addition of a carpet in a commercial space is an asset for a business. In fact, installing a custom commercial carpet can be a great way to show your customers and employees that you are proud of your organization and that you care about providing them with an attractive and comfortable space.

In this article, find out how to define your needs so that you can create the perfect custom carpet!

Ask yourself the right questions to determine what kind of wall-to-wall carpet you need

Before starting your custom commercial carpeting project, you should ask yourself the following questions to prepare.

How much traffic does the space where the carpet will be installed have?

Some areas in a workspace have higher traffic than others, such as an open-concept office or the entrance to a business. As a result, a carpet installed in one of these areas will get dirty and wear out faster. Before choosing a carpet, you will need to consider this factor.

In high-traffic areas, you may want to opt for a darker-coloured carpet so that the dirt is less noticeable. You should also make sure to choose a material that provides greater resistance and easier maintenance so that your carpet stays beautiful for years to come.

How will the carpet match the rest of your space?

Depending on the level of brightness in your workspace, the colours of the carpet may look different from what you expected. If your space is dimly lit, you may also want to choose a lighter carpet colour to brighten your space.

Ask your carpet design company to provide you with samples of the carpets you are interested in so that you can check whether the colours and textures are appropriate.

Determine the budget for your custom commercial carpet design

It is important to determine how much money you will contribute to this project and make sure you don’t exceed it.

Good planning for a better evaluation

When the time comes to send requests for quotes, let the companies you contact know all the information about your project, such as the dimensions of the space to be developed, photos of the space, the desired look, etc. This will give them all the details they need to send you an accurate quote. You can then choose the company that best suits your needs… for a price that suits you!

Strengthen your brand image at low cost

Does your budget not allow for wall-to-wall carpet design? No problem! There are many other cost-effective ways to customize your commercial space!

For example, you can choose to install a custom entrance mat that reflects your brand image. Some companies offer to create an entrance mat with a custom greeting! You can also design a hallway carpet for your office. This affordable option brings a dynamic touch to your space and you can choose the design to perfectly match your flooring.

Couper Croiser will meet all your needs to create a carpet that reflects you

In conclusion, the first step in defining your custom commercial carpet needs is to ask yourself a few key questions to ensure you choose the right materials, textures and colours for your carpet. Moreover, you will need to determine a budget for your project. Finally, if wall-to-wall carpet installation is not an option for you, there are other cost-effective options to enhance your brand image.

Couper Croiser is a custom carpet design studio that works in close collaboration with various design and architectural firms to design and manufacture custom carpets adapted to your needs. We welcome you to contact us or request a consultation!

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