What are the different types of doormats?

Installing a doormat is essential for preserving the quality and appearance of your floors. However, it can be difficult to choose the type of mat that will best suit your needs. Is it better to buy a rougher mat, or would a mat with shorter fibres be more appropriate? How do you choose?

In this article, learn about the main types of doormats available on the market and the features of each one!

The scraper mat: ideal for trapping even the toughest dirt

The first type of doormat is the scraper mat. These mats are made of very rough, even aggressive materials, which allow them to hold even the largest debris such as rocks, salt, sand and snow really well and prevent you from dragging them indoors. In addition, they are resistant to water and moisture, which makes them much easier to clean.

Scraper mats are the first step in a doormat system for commercial premises. For maximum protection, they should be installed over a length of approximately 5 metres.

For the home, they are the equivalent of a floor mat. They can be placed outside the entrance and directly inside. In addition, you can find original doormats with unique patterns and shapes to make your home even more welcoming.

The wiper/scraper mat: keeping all debris in check

The second type of doormat is the wiper/scraper mat. In a commercial space, this is particularly effective when installed indoors for a length of 5 metres to cover the first 10 to 15 steps an individual would take upon entering.

The special feature of the wiper/scraper mat is its much higher fibre density, offering a greater absorption capacity and better retention of smaller debris that would not have been retained by the simple scraper mat. This means that boots and shoes can begin to dry as soon as the mat is stepped on.

Dry your shoes thoroughly with the wiper mat

Finally, the wiper mat dries the feet and traps even the finest dust particles. It can only be installed indoors to absorb the remaining water or snow on boots and shoes. Summer or winter, this mat protects your entrance from the elements that can damage it and saves you time on floor maintenance.

In addition, the wiper mat’s ability to absorb water and moisture reduces the risk of falls. A wet floor does indeed become slippery fast. The wiper mat is therefore the perfect solution to ensure that your floor is safe. This is why businesses and organizations install this type of mat further away from the entrance to complement the commercial doormat system.

Couper Croiser: for doormats that are as efficient as they are original

In short, there are three main types of doormats: scraper mats to trap large debris, wiper/scraper mats to trap smaller debris and absorb water, and wiper mats for fine dust and shoe drying. A combination of these three types of mats will create the best protection system for your floors.

Couper Croiser stands out in Quebec for its ability to design original and efficient mats for the home and for its corporate clients. Contact our team for any commercial project or browse our website to find the perfect mat for your home!

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