Common mistakes to avoid when buying commercial or residential carpet

Installing new or fresh carpeting for your home or commercial establishment can be a very good choice for preserving your floors or adding a little personality to your space. However, this purchase involves thinking about several things, which can be difficult when you don’t have the right information.

Here are 3 common mistakes to avoid when buying a residential or commercial carpet to help you make an informed choice!

Choosing the wrong type of residential or commercial carpet

When choosing a carpet, you should look beyond its appearance. While choosing an original carpet that you will love and that blends harmoniously with the design of your room is important, you should also consider other factors in your decision-making process. Depending on the room where your carpet will be installed and how it will be used, you will need to make sure that its materials, texture and strength are appropriate.

For example, if you decide to install an entrance mat at the front door of your home, you shouldn’t choose a mat with very short, soft fibres that won’t withstand the weather. You should choose a rug with rough fibres that will retain most of the debris and dust under your shoes.  Similarly, if you have to lay carpet in an area where there is a lot of daily foot traffic, such as the lobby of a hotel, you will need to install carpet with good wear resistance so that it lasts for years.

Not considering carpet tiles as an interesting option

Carpet tiles, as opposed to a regular wall-to-wall carpet, is a very advantageous flooring option. First, this type of carpet is much more easily replaceable if it were to be damaged or stained. Indeed, if this were to happen, you would simply need to switch out the damaged tile for a new one! Another advantage is its easy handling and installation. It is indeed much easier to install several carpet tiles than to try to lay down a whole carpet at once. Finally, carpet tiles adjust to the floor area to be covered, causing less loss of material. In short, it would be a mistake not to consider this product when choosing a commercial carpet.

Not using a professional to install your wall-to-wall carpet

Installing carpet in an office space or in your home may seem relatively easy. In reality, it is a fairly complicated process that requires professional knowledge to be done properly.

For starters, measuring the space that your future wall-to-wall carpet will cover involves more than just calculating the area of a room. For example, if you need to cover stairs, or an asymmetrical room or room with a curved wall, the calculation becomes much more complex. It is always recommended to consult an expert to make sure that you have the exact measurements and that you don’t run out of material during installation.

Moreover, installing a wall-to-wall carpet by yourself without the necessary skills and knowledge is quite risky. A poorly installed carpet will not only look ugly, it won’t do its job properly. As a result, it risks being damaged more quickly and will need to be replaced sooner than it should be. Avoid unnecessary costs and trust a professional carpet manufacturer and installer.

Choosing the right carpet with Couper Croiser

In short, one mistake to avoid when choosing an entrance mat or carpet for your home or business is choosing a carpet that isn’t suitable for the type of activity that will take place in a room. In order to avoid choosing a carpet without having evaluated every option, do not forget to take a look at carpet tiles ! Also, it strongly recommended to have a professional install the carpet for you.

At Couper Croiser, we offer a complete carpet design service for businesses and boutiques, as well as the manufacturing of residential entrance mats. Contact us to learn more about our services for businesses or visit our online store to discover our original entrance mats!

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