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Acoustic and decorative wall coverings

Showcase your offices with wall coverings that will lend them style and elegance, transforming them into unique spaces in which to live and work. Whether you want acoustic panels to reduce noise reverberation or a wall covering bursting with color for an incomparable touch of design, at Couper Croiser, we’re proud to offer a vast selection of superior-quality felt products for all your refurbishing and redecorating needs.


Give your rooms a little pizzazz with felt wallpaper. With a thickness of three millimeters, this type of wall covering is perfect for adding a splash of color and dynamism to any room.

Whether you need to cover a full wall or only a half-wall, we can offer you the style you’re looking for. We can also do cut-outs, including letters, numbers, shapes and logos, for a creation that’s totally unique.

Would you like to create an intimate conference room, reduce the ambient noise in your office cubicles or simply offer your employees a pleasant workplace? You’ll be happy to know that it’s possible to have felt acoustic panels installed. With a thickness between eight and twelve millimeters, this type of wall covering can also be used on either a full wall or half-wall. It’s a great option for commercial locations!

Work with a designer for a unique turnkey project
At Couper Croiser, we put the services of a designer at your disposal. Attentive to your needs, our designers are here to advise and support you. Do you have a large-scale project and can’t decide between all the different colors and styles?

We can create various visual proposals for you, depending on the project. Once you’ve approved the visuals, we can send them to you with samples so you can confirm your choices of colors and textures. It’s a wonderful solution for all your projects!

In some cases, it’s possible to create mock-ups so you can easily visualize the available options and make an informed decision. For high-quality results, don’t hesitate to take advantage of our custom versatile wall coverings for all your commercial, institutional and museum projects. We have nearly 20 different choices in colors for designs ranging from bold to understated, to suit just about any project.

Request a consultation


When you decide to entrust your wall covering project to our team, you can rest assured that you’ll receive all-inclusive service. From consultation, evaluation and proposals to fabrication, installation and supervision of the work by a designer, nothing is left to chance.

Depending on the scope of your project, our delivery times normally vary from two to six weeks. We can deliver anywhere, but we primarily offer installation service in Montreal and the surrounding areas. Are you outside the Greater Montreal area but would still like to benefit from our exceptional wall coverings? We can not only deliver the wall covering of your choice but also, in certain cases, the adhesive you need for easy installation.

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