Why install doormat during winter?

Ah, winter! Whether you love the season or not, you need to prepare for it properly. You already protect your head, hands and feet with clothing made for our harsh climate, but have you thought about the importance of protecting your floors from the cold season?

In this article, find out the advantages of installing a winter doormat in your home or business!

Personalize the entrance to your home or business with an original doormat

A doormat is a very practical decorative element that can have a unique and evocative design. In this sense, you can find many original doormats that will add a little personality to your entrance. In fact, there are all sorts of shapes, patterns, textures and colours to choose from so that you can find the perfect doormat.

You can even add a special touch by purchasing a customizable doormat for your entrance. If you are a business owner, a custom doormat can be a great way to reflect your brand image. With the right features, you can enhance the look of a professional office space as much as a fancy store.

Installing a doormat will protect your floors

The arrival of winter in Quebec also means the arrival of snow, gravel and salt. This mixture often sticks to the soles of your boots and damages your lovely floor by scratching and dampening it.

Installing a doormat is the most effective way to keep your floor intact. In fact, wiper mats and scraper mats help trap those undesirable dirt particles that can enter your home or commercial space and damage the floor surface. Choosing a mat made of waterproof, acid and alkali-resistant materials, such as polypropylene, will ensure that your floor stays beautiful and clean throughout the winter.

Dirt shows up in winter and summer!

Winter may be the season when dirt is most visible, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t accumulate in your driveway the rest of the year. Indeed, spring and summer come with construction work, which means an increase in airborne dust. Having an entrance mat prevents this dirt and debris from spreading everywhere in your home or business, which translates into time and money savings when maintaining your space.

Avoid falls caused by a wet floor

Snow can quickly make the entrance to a business or home wet in winter, increasing the risk of accidents. Doormats are designed to prevent falls and other incidents with their non-slip designs and textured surfaces.

For building managers who are concerned about avoiding these types of unfortunate incidents, installing a wiper mat will be ideal for properly retaining water. For a safe entrance to your building, opt for a custom commercial doormat solution. This will give you a mat with the appropriate size and a design that represents you.

Contact Couper Croiser to protect floors and occupants

In conclusion, winter comes with more water and dirt that can damage your floor. However, this can easily be contained with a doormat. In addition to minimizing the risk of falls and accidents, mats are ideal for personalizing a space and making it unique.

Couper Croiser is a Quebec company that specializes in the design of doormats and floor mats for the home as well as custom carpeting design for all kinds of businesses. Contact our team of specialists to get a personalized doormat for your home or office!

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