Why is carpet so often used as a floor covering in hotels?

Spending the night in a hotel is always fun for young and old alike. Large, cozy beds, a full-service spa, an exquisite restaurant… Every detail of a hotel establishment is designed to provide you with the ultimate comfort and an unforgettable experience.

Many hotels choose carpet as a floor covering to help achieve this goal. How does this type of floor covering contribute to this effort? Find out in this article!

An original carpet adds a touch of personality to a hotel

Compared to other types of flooring, carpet offers an unparalleled variety of original designs. Custom commercial carpet manufacturers offer a wide variety of colours, patterns, textures and shapes to create a warm and inviting environment for customers. In addition, you can even create a carpet in your company’s colours, helping to reinforce the brand image of a hotel establishment!

Installing wall-to-wall carpeting reduces ambient noise

Given the large number of guests coming and going, a hotel environment can become quite noisy. Carpet is a floor covering that absorbs ambient noise, making it a preferred choice for hotels. Since the primary goal is to provide absolute comfort to their guests, hotel managers choose to install carpets to limit the noise that could disturb the sleep and peace of mind of their clients. They will therefore hire a carpet design company to meet this need.

Carpets are durable floor coverings capable of withstanding heavy traffic

Another reason why commercial carpet is often used in hotels is because it is an extremely durable floor covering. If made of quality materials and regularly maintained, a carpet can last at least 15 years. This makes it an excellent investment for hoteliers, since other floor coverings cannot withstand such frequent trips.

Carpets provide increased comfort for hotel guests and employees

As mentioned above, providing guests with maximum comfort is a requirement for any hotel establishment. In the same vein, maintaining an adequate temperature in all the rooms of a hotel is quite a challenge, especially if the hotel has a large surface area. Carpet as a floor covering provides additional comfort for guests who are more sensitive to cold, since its fibres act as a natural thermal insulator. It is often more comfortable to put your feet on a carpeted floor than on any other floor covering.

Moreover, carpets have an ergonomic quality, since they are more comfortable for the joints. The hotel’s maintenance staff, who have to stand for long periods of time, will be able to work more comfortably on a carpet than on a harder floor.

Couper Croiser designs original carpets for hotels and other businesses and shops

In short, there are many reasons why carpet is the preferred floor covering for hotels. They are easily customizable, soundproof, durable and comfortable for guests and employees alike.

At Couper Croiser, we have designed original corporate carpets tailored to any type of business for over ten years. Contact us to add elegance and personality to a hotel and work with a recognized carpet manufacturer in Quebec!

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